Midlands 2019 Application - Music Artists - Closing Date May 10th

Register before 10th May to guarantee your place and the chance to win a prize package worth £2,000! No payment on registration, only when accepted into the competition. Discounts for previous entrants!

Name of primary applicant *
Name of primary applicant
Lead applicant must be a band member or manager
Role of main applicant *
This can be changed later if required
Please select the closest term to identify your style of music
Please provide us with two examples of original works written for and performed by the artist. This can include the track that you wish to submit for a video, though this can be changed at a later date. Please note copyright of the music must 100% be owned by the artist/management, no covers/reworkings will be accepted.
Competition terms - Copyright *
Please confirm ownership of the tracks submitted
Competition terms - Payment *
Entry fees for music artist are as follows: - Solo/two piece - £75 - Three piece+ £100 NO FEES ARE DUE ON REGISTRATION. Registrations are open until Fri 10th May and are accepted on a 'first come, first served' basis. By submitting this application you accept that this fee and understand that failure to pay within the 7 days will result in loss of place in the competition.
Competition terms - Support for Film Team *
Music artists will be expected to provide adequate support to assist your film team with creating a video of the highest calibre. This will include adequate provision of your time to record your video between 17th and 31st May 2019, also equipment, access to fans, management, costumes, props as required to produce the video. Failure to support your film team in a way that jeopardises the overall quality of your final video will result in the loss of your fees with no refunds being offered.
Masterclass day
On May 17th we will be running a half day Masterclass event featuring professionals from the music and film industries about music video production. Each successful applicant will be offered one place on this course, with additional places available for £20
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